Over the past 17 years, Second Quadrant Solutions has worked with more than 100 small, mid-sized and large clients to improve their performance and profitability.  Our clients are extremely important to us and, as you can see from these comments, we take care to provide the best service possible.

Imre LLC

We are entering our third year of a relationship with Darryl Salerno….and it keeps getting better.  In that time, Darryl has helped us increase our margin by 100%, tighten up financial controls and build a professional development system that has helped us coach up managers at our company. Darryl brings big agency skills and knowledge to work for our mid-sized firm, something that we would not otherwise be able to afford or find.  He’s got the P&L knowledge, but he has also helped us get behind the numbers to real management issues that have set us up for success. Lastly, Darryl is a tremendous asset for me, personally.  I have used him as a sounding board and to help me refine ideas before I introduce them at the agency.

Dave Imre
Partner and CEO / Imre LLC

Heyman Associates

Rarely do I hear of a growing, cutting edge, communications consultancy that doesn’t owe some of its “market mystique” to Darryl Salerno and the team at Second Quadrant. They understand the importance of culture and ask the tough questions of the principals. Darryl combines a relaxed, disarming manner with a very bottom-line approach to business.  With Second Quadrant Solutions we continue to get straight, unvarnished counsel; we get what we need rather than what feels good.  That’s what differentiates them from the competition.

Bill Heyman
President and CEO / Heyman Associates

Argyle Public Relations

While many aspire to be “trusted advisors” to CEOs and managers, Darryl earns this trust from his experience, business acumen and a keen sense of people. He makes managers smarter and business better. And he’s one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet.

Dan Tisch
President and CEO / Argyle Public Relations


Darryl Salerno continues to provide real bona fide value to my organization in a variety of essential areas.  Most importantly though, I’m still surprised at how he always seems to ask the right question or provide a unique solution to a problem that our management team typically has gone round and round and round on for too long.

Ed Moed
Managing Partner / Peppercom

rbb Communications

Darryl is part Rabbi, part fixer, and part motivational speaker. He is 100% committed, 100% strategic and funny as hell. He makes our agency and our people better.

Christine Barney
CEO / rbb Communications

Padilla Speer Beardsley

We get the benefit of a broad perspective when we work with Darryl.  He knows the public relations consulting business from ground-floor administration to senior leadership, in firms large and small.  He’s principled and honest, and he holds himself as accountable to us as we do to our clients.So certain were we of his ability to deliver value that we volunteered to beta test one of his professional development modules.  He really connected with our team — a critical step in the adoption of new ideas.

Lynn Casey
Chief Executive Officer / Padilla Speer Beardsley

Prosek Partners

Darryl Salerno’s professional development sessions deliver the perfect mix of learning and fun. Having been a CFO and COO of large and mid-sized agencies he brings unmatched experience, advice and case studies to each engagement.  And his experience as a standup comic makes his delivery both effective and entertaining.

Jen Prosek
CEO / Prosek Partners

MBooth and Associates

Darryl Salerno has been instrumental in helping M Booth evaluate its client service and staff utilization.  He has provided the tools and guidance necessary to help measure capacity and profitability while keeping management focused on providing the best service for Booth’s clients.  Darryl has been a truly invaluable partner throughout the years.

Joe Hamrahi
COO and CFO / M Booth and Associates


Darryl teaches people stuff they don’t think they want to learn in a way that both entertains and teaches! He is a committed counselor who helps agency owners understand what’s going on with their money (and their resources) and how those two things need to be managed to make a profit. Working with Darryl is always delightful.

Indra Gardiner Bowers
Founder and Chief Influence Officer / I.D.E.A.


Darryl Salerno has played a critical role at a critical juncture in Peppercomm history.  He’s provided strategic counsel that’s helped us decide how, where and when to proceed in our business development.

Steve Cody
Managing Partner / Peppercomm


Darryl Salerno is that rare breed of consultant who combines both head and heart in coming up with inspired solutions to business problems.  He is totally committed to our goal of creating a healthy business and a healthy workplace community.  Darryl has been a trusted and invaluable guide in helping us navigate through some difficult times in the economy and in the evolution of our company.  I cannot sing his praises highly enough.

Patrice Tanaka
Chief Creative Officer / CRT/tanaka

WordHampton Public Relations

Darryl Salerno? The pro for the pros. Listen to what he says and then do it.

Steve Haweeli
President / WordHampton Public Relations

Barbary Coast Consulting

Wise. Insightful, thoughtful, brilliant, strategic, nuanced and experienced, but most of all, wise. Darryl’s experience and vision allow him to see into your company’s future, and his successful track record and confidence in his words and tone give him the authority to direct you towards a beneficial path. He’s a gently firm leader, a coach and confidant, and a man of impeccable ethics.

Alex Clemens
Founder / Barbary Coast Consulting

Americas PR at Russell Reynolds Associates

Darryl was instrumental in helping me develop in my role as a managing director at ABI, Inc. Darryl’s years of experience in the business, great analytical, problem-solving and communication skills, helped me sort through both short-term and long-term management challenges. His positive encouragement and pleasant demeanor are among just a few of his excellent traits.

Vijaya Singh
Global Head of Marketing / Americas PR at Russell Reynolds Associates


Darryl is one of those clear-eyed thinkers in the business. He presents change in such a way that people want to get on board. His business recommendations are backed up by years of experience and his presentation style ensures that good recommendations get heard. I highly recommend Darryl.

David Herrick
Managing Principal / EthicOne

Communications Consultant

A voice of reason, wisdom, enthusiasm, and optimism in a rapidly changing field. Darryl has helped my career in more ways than I can recount here–and the same can surely be said for countless others in the communications industry.

Gina Masullo
/ Communications Consultant

Union Square Publishing

Darryl is the nicest guy in Public Relations. Everyone wants to know Darryl and those of us who are lucky enough to call him a friend- well we are indeed the lucky ones. Darryl is known for helping people. Even people he worked with 30 years ago at Burson… We need more people like him in the PR world. A rare breed.Brilliant, honest and a man with integrity!

Rick Frishman
Publisher / Union Square Publishing

Business Consultant

Darryl is a great resource, insightful, candid and professional, and is adept at sorting through clutter to discern the essential details.

Greg Smith
/ Business Consultant

Brand Development and Communications

What an amazing leader! Darryl took a struggling firm and moved it forward – reinvigorating the team and the client base. It was inspirational working for him. Frankly, I miss his smart leadership and fellowship.

Michael Duffield
/ Brand Development and Communications

Fourthstone LLC

Darryl is a real gem. He knows how to value people and have fun while getting the job done. I had a wonderful time working at Magnet and learned a lot about how to create a high-performance culture from Darryl.

Amy Stone
President & CCO / Fourthstone LLC

Hawaii Job Corps

Darryl is the epitome of paying it forward! I had the pleasure of listening to him speak at a conference several weeks ago and became so motivated to put into practice his suggestions. I also wanted to share his knowledge with my team. He graciously volunteered his time to join our conference call and offer any tips/suggestions to make their jobs not only easier but more efficient. As I listened to him speak a second time it became even more apparent to me that Darryl practices what he teaches.
The message that he sends to his clients, is something he puts into practice. He is genuinely interested in helping offer assistance to anyone and everyone he meets. The bottom line is that Darryl inspires me to be better. I only hope that I can make enough deposits in his emotional bank account to let him know how much I truly appreciate his efforts!!!

Ellen May
Center Director / Hawaii Job Corps

Team Leatherman Consulting

Darryl is an incredible speaker. I had the opportunity to hear him speak during the fall of 2007. He engaged his audiences and made time for questions during his presentations and in between each one. Everyone returned feeling motivated and I immediately implemented many of his recommendations.
Most recently, I hired Darryl to speak to approximately 200 people. The results were the same – he was motivating, engaging, insightful and personable. Based on feedback received, the audience felt like his presentations were relevant and easy to implement.

Personally, I found it easy to work with Darryl. He respected my time, the conference agenda and wanted as much knowledge on the audience prior to speaking to ensure his thoughts were relevant. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Meghan Leatherman
Communications Strategist / Team Leatherman Consulting

Cosmic Ltd.

Darryl Salerno is one of the most inspiring and motivational speakers I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Darryl spoke at the HOW Mind Your Own Business Conference in Austin Texas and has given me new aspirations for myself and my business.
I also recommend his stand-up comedy.

Sean Collier
Managing and Creative Director / Cosmic Ltd