Session Summaries

Supervisory Skills
Designed to help supervisors acquire the skills necessary to improve the performance of the staff they manage.  This session reviews critical issues of supervision, including leadership; motivation; effective communication; handling praise, criticism and conflict; delegation and staff development.  It will help supervisors develop the next generation of supervisors and maximize the overall production capability of the organization.

Handling Difficult Conversations
Examines the anatomy of difficult conversations and explores ways to break them down into manageable components.  Teaches methods to avoid destructive confrontation and reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.

Managing PR as a business
Teaches managers the importance of making a profit and how to focus on the elements that are most critical in creating and maintaining a profitable organization.  Team leaders learn to differentiate between activities that are important to the “hygiene” of the company and those that genuinely affect its health.

Teaches the importance of developing outside relationships that will lead to long-term business opportunities and help in achieving personal and business objectives.  It provides practical tips that help people get out of their comfort zone and become more effective in this difficult area.

English as a First Language
Many of us regularly complain about the oral and written skills of people we interact with each day, and yet we make many mistakes ourselves. This session is geared to challenge all participants to test their skills in pronunciation, spelling and usage. It is guaranteed to open your eyes on proper communications skills.  And it’s loads of fun.

Time Management
Teaches essential concepts concerning the importance of using time effectively to achieve personal and work goals.  The session is geared to address the specific time challenges of working in PR agencies.  It helps participants learn to achieve balance in their lives while dramatically increasing their productivity in the workplace.

Negotiating Skills
All aspects of human interaction are essentially negotiations.  In this session participants will learn how to get the best possible results from these interactions while maintaining a positive relationship with the other party.

Managing Client Relationships
All too often, we focus on doing client work – getting the job done – but not on building client relationships and revenue. In this workshop you will learn the importance of developing a closer personal relationship with your clients and how to better understand their particular business needs.  This will allow you to provide higher value services and build business for the agency.

Learning Optimism
Explores the study of positive psychology and examines the significant health and success benefits of living a more optimistic life.  Provides attendees with guidance on how to view life experiences more positively and see the glass as half full more often.