Darryl Salerno, founder of Second Quadrant Solutions, has more than 25 years experience managing professional service firms.  He has the distinction of holding the titles of chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer and chief administrative officer in top-25 public relations agencies. 

In addition, he has provided strategic counsel to many of the most successful mid-sized professional service organizations over the past 10 years.  This background allows him to quickly identify core issues and provide custom solutions that will yield permanent, long-term results.

Everyone at Second Quadrant Solutions has worked as a senior executive at several professional service firms.  We know the challenges managers face and how difficult it is to look beyond the day-to-day demands of running a group, department or business - to look beyond "putting out the fires."
We have the skills and the first-hand experience necessary to counsel senior executives and help them develop and implement lasting and effective solutions.  We strive to improve the process, but also the way our clients think about and approach the process.  And that is frequently the difference between a quick fix and a long-term solution.
Although every problem requires a custom solution, our consulting services typically fall into two broad categories: management and financial.  We help senior management address manifold business challenges from hiring and inspiring employees to defining and implementing mission statements.  On the financial front, we can help a firm fine-tune and streamline existing processes as well as develop new methods for managing finances and improving the company's profit performance.